3 Tips to Help You Successfully Move Your Piano

Having a musical instrument in the home can be a great way to give your family an opportunity to expand their creative horizons. Many people invest in a piano without realizing the unique challenges these popular instruments present when the time to move to a new home arrives.

Here are three simple tips that you can keep in mind to help you successfully move your piano in the future.

1. Make sure you have access to the right equipment.

Pianos are extremely heavy, making them difficult to move without the right equipment. Before you attempt to load your piano onto a moving truck, be sure that you visit your local hardware store to invest in some heavy-duty straps that will allow you to get a firm grip on your piano.

You should also purchase a furniture dolly that is equipped to handle the weight of your piano. The dolly will give you the ability to roll the piano from your home into the truck, reducing the likelihood that you will injure yourself during the moving process.

2. Position your piano properly inside the moving truck.

Because pianos are so heavy, you need to carefully consider where you will place your instrument inside of your moving truck. Experts suggest that loading your piano into the moving truck first can be beneficial. This allows you to rest the piano next to the cab of the truck where its weight can be distributed across the truck's axle. 

You should also plan to use some wood shims to ensure the piano is level during transit, since keeping the piano level will protect the inner workings of the instrument from becoming damaged while the moving truck travels over bumps and makes stops and turns with the piano in tow.

3. Plan to have a professional tune your piano after moving.

Although your piano may seem like a solid piece of equipment, these instruments are actually quite delicate. If you want to ensure that the quality of your piano's sound isn't compromised by a move, then you need to plan to have a professional come to your new home to tune the instrument once you are done moving.

Tuning will repair any damage that occurred as the piano was jostled during a move, allowing you to enjoy clean and crisp sounds as you play your piano in the future.

Being able to move a piano successfully is critical if you have one of these instruments in your home. Be sure that you have the right equipment available, load the piano in the moving truck first, and plan for a professional tuning after your move to keep your piano in good condition during a move. Check out sites like http://www.extremepianomoving.com for more information.