5 Tips For Surviving A Move With Small Children

Whether you have just a single little one in the house or you have a whole house full of kids, moving can be stressful. Moving houses usually brings its own kind of stress, but adding the running of the home can make it into a real hair-pulling adventure.

Fortunately, there are some ways to make it work better for everyone. Here are 5 top tips for parents.

Get Kids Involved. Get the whole family involved in the decision-making and the actual physical preparation for moving. Communicate clearly to your kids why you're moving, where you're going, and what will be required. Create some projects they can do according to their ages and abilities. Toddlers may enjoy filling a box with their stuff, while older kids may be able to handle the responsibility for labeling boxes, folding things, or deciding where things will go in the new house.

Purge When They're Sleeping. It's hard to de-clutter your home when kids are in your way. It's even harder to get rid of things that they may be (even temporarily) attached to. The better way to rid your home of some things is doing so while they're not around. Naptime, play dates, and after bedtime are great opportunities to work on prepping fragile items or throwing out old toys. Remove bags and donation items from the house before you finish each time.

Keep a Routine. Kids need routine, and never more so than when their home is changing. As hard as it may be, try to keep to a regular schedule when it comes to play, mealtimes, and social activities. In addition, you may want to pack up their rooms and play areas last, so they can enjoy normalcy as long as possible.

Stay Organized. It's really hard to stay organized during any move, but it's even more important when you have a full house and lots of "helpers". Label all boxes -- on multiple sides -- and consider using clear containers to help identify goods better. Rather than creating unlabeled piles, make signs and designate locations for things like "keep vs. donate" piles. Come up with one system -- perhaps color-coding or a similar label system -- for identifying which items go in which rooms in the new house, too.

Hire Help. You can't do everything, especially with kids around. Include in your moving budget some money to pay for professional help… especially if the move is long distance. Depending on how much you can spend, you may choose to simply hire movers to transport things on the big day. Or, you may benefit from hiring help packing and organizing items beforehand. This gives you more time and attention to devote to your kids' emotional needs and de-stresses your time.

By following these few tips, parents can make the process of moving easier both on themselves and on the kids. And then, you can move on to enjoying the next chapter of your life! For more information or assistance, contact companies like Men On The Move.