Moving Your Nursery

Moving is exciting, but it can be a little harder than you bargained for with a baby in tow. With careful planning, you can make sure both you and your baby aren't crying at the end of the day. 

Moving Your Baby's Furniture

When you start tackling bigger pieces of furniture in your nursery, you may want to start your focus on your crib. Cribs are naturally bulky pieces of furniture that may seem to be straightforward to move on the surface. However, you may encounter some snags. 

If your crib is prefabricated, you have to you pick up the crib when you move it. Prefabricated cribs aren't made to withstand the pressure of being dragged on the floor. The pressure can cause their legs to break, and that's one thing you don't need when moving your child. For that same reason, make sure your crib is snugly packed in your moving truck so it can't slide. 

Also, take note of the width of the crib. If you assembled your crib in the nursery, it might be wider than the door frame. If the fit is just a little too snug, consider removing the door to gain an extra inch or two to fit the crib through. 

The changing table and dressers are safe to move with their contents intact if they're made of hardwood and are sturdy. If they are made of particle board, they need to be emptied of everything to be moved safely. 

Tips For Moving The Small Stuff

Once you have the crib situated, it's time to focus on moving the smaller stuff. All of those baby clothes you have can be used to wrap fragile things like picture frames, lamps, and figurines. When packing the boxes for your child's room, you want to make sure that there's little airspace in the boxes and the items don't shuffle around if you gently shake the box. 

You may also want to consider purchasing moving boxes to pack your more minor things. The moving boxes' uniform shape helps make packing easier. Purchased boxes also have more structural integrity and are more likely to ensure your baby's stuff arrives at its destination intact.  

Let Someone Else Handle It

If you've recently given birth, or you have your hands full with your baby, you may want to consider hiring movers. Professional movers will be able to pack and move your nursery with ease, without you ever having to lift a finger.